A frequently asked question by venues unfamiliar with atVenu is, ‘will we make more money using atVenu Register than our current solution?’. We wanted to answer that question once and for all by taking a look at dollars per head averages for venues that use atVenu vs. those that do not.

How do we know the average dollars per head for venues that aren’t currently using atVenu? We looked at over 100,000 artist settlements to find the $/head values at venues that are not currently using atVenu and compared those values to the averages of venues that are on atVenu. Taking into consideration that venues vary in capacity, we broke down our comparisons in the same manor to prevent any bias if larger venues may or may not be on atVenu vs. others.

venues make more money with atVenu

It’s definitive! atVenu makes venues an average of +$.40 more per head than any other POS solution. And that’s good for venues and artists alike! How is that? We have our thoughts, but better to hear what a few of our partners have to say about how atVenu makes them more money.

The Forum

The most important thing is we can watch each stand's inventory and sales as the night goes on and see if they are running low, or heavy on product ... We can move or add product as needed to ensure fans get what they want and sales are as high as possible.

Ricky StylesThe LA Forum
Darlings Amphitheatre

I’ve used POS systems like Appetize and Square and the benefit of being able to receive a product list, product images, pricing, and sizes all within the atVenu sytem makes the choice simple ... I can only squeeze so many sales out of the time during a show. atVenu helps make excellent use of that time, and time is money.

Rich MurphyDarling's Waterfront Pavillion
North Island Credit Amphitheatre

atVenu has been awesome at helping increase per heads across the board because of how much its able to increase efficiency of Room/Building managers and vendors alike. Being able to track individual stand sales and inventory is also another huge aspect of atVenu because it allows US as room managers to staff locations fully and correctly to maximize sales and ensure everyone has what they need

Burke DraheimNorth Island Credit Union Amphitheatre

If you’re interested in learning more about how atVenu can help you in increasing your $/head per show, get a demo today!

If you want to learn more about how we help make venue’s more money, check out our case study on the LA Forum!

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