We’re excited to showcase our latest feature that helps reduce atVenu Register set up time from hours to minutes! Whether you have 5 atVenu Registers or 500, atVenu Quick Connect drastically reduces the time spent setting up your devices.

Now that atVenu Registers are used on the road for stadium sized tours, we understand the time-consuming effort of logging on to a new Venue network then logging in to the Register app on all 100+ iPads night after night after night. And when it’s crunch time before doors, time is precious. With atVenu Quick Connect, log in to the network and Register app on 1 iPad and all other Registers will automatically sync the settings making them ready to process sales in minutes!

Here are the 4 simple steps to activate Quick Connect:

Step One

Launch atVenu Register

Launch the Register app on an iPad and tap 3 times on the atVenu logo (icon)

Step Two

Enter WiFi network information

Enter the WiFi username and password to the network you will be using

Step Three

Log in to your atVenu account

Log in to your atVenu account, select your show and tap 'Sync Other Registers'

Step Four

Enter Pin Code

Enter the pin code to each of the Registers you want to sync

Now you’re all set to distribute the Registers to any of the stands and start selling! Our Registers don’t need to be pre programmed to a specific location before arriving at the Venue allowing for easy distribution while still gathering critical, real-time data by location throughout the event.

How much time does it really save you? Hours at each show. We’ve now run Quick Connect on 3 stadium tours – Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour, Beyonce+Jay Z’s On The Run II tour, and now The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour – and we did the math. On average, it takes 1.23 minutes to set up the first Register and a total of 7.22 minutes to activate 120 Registers.


Registers to set up

7m 22s

To set up all Registers


Avg. Time spent per Register with Quick Connect

2h 39m

Time saved with Quick Connect

Contact us today to learn more about it and how to start using it today!

Quick Connect Requirements

  • Power on all of the Registers you’d like to connect to the WiFi network
  • Launch atVenu Register on all devices you want to connect before starting step one
  • atVenu Register will auto-log out after 6 hours, so if you set up with Quick Connect more than 6 hours before the show you’ll be required to log back in to atVenu Register
  • This is dependent on iOS, so as long as Apple doesn’t mess with something too bad you’re all good!