About atVenu

atVenu fundamentally believes artists, venues, festivals, promoters – in fact everyone – involved in the live event industry can make more money from their merchandise business than they currently do using 30 year old systems, broken spreadsheets, and email.

The financial impact of making decisions without current information, mistakes caught the day after the show, rush printing and shipping when you suddenly run out of a product, all dramatically reduce your profits.

On top of that, today’s fan is totally wired.  They expect something different when they are at a show than what their parents experienced 20 years ago.  Merchandising teams who don’t tap into the desires of the always-on mobile toting fan of today are missing huge opportunities.

In the past three years, atVenu has grown to be the industry standard platform used by thousands of artists, venues, and festivals all over the globe to manage their merchandise business.  From headliners selling out arenas to developing artists on club tours atVenu helps them all.

And it isn’t just music. Our platform is used by film festivals, auto shows, sporting events, and more.

Co-founders Ben Brannen, Derek Ball, and James Seigel have pulled together decades of experience in the music and technology industries to deliver a platform that is truly revolutionizing the live event merchandise business.