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Accurate Artist & Venue Settlements

Input venue cuts, taxes, and any other necessary financial details and atVenu accurately calculates your artist & venue settlements. Never a broken formula or accidental copy & paste from a previous show’s spreadsheet.

Automated Nightly Email Distribution Reporting

Let atVenu take care of the admin work. Once your merch rep hits DONE on the settlement, atVenu syncs the data back to your artist account and immediately generates and distributes a nightly summary email, sales report pdf, and settlement pdf to the artist email distribution list.

Tour Merchandise Analytics

View tour to date details from the artist dashboard. Log in online and know exactly how your merch business is performing.

Manage Multiple Artists with 1 Login

Separate artist accounts can link to 1 user ID allowing easy management of all artists you work.

Mobile and Web App Data Sync

Full online & offline capability with the atVenu mobile app. Run an entire tour entering nightly counts and completing full financial settlements all on the app. When you’re finished with a show’s settlement, the data syncs back to the cloud based artist account and immediately updates the artist’s data keeping the team updated in realtime.

Robust Reports

Put your data to use. atVenu stores the artist’s merchandise history to their account and provides a series of valuable reports to better analyze, prepare, and manage your merchandise business. Generate reports by show, tour, or any date range. Reports include Sales, Financial Tour Summary, Net Profit, Inventory Forecast, Inventory Adjustments, Tour Inventory Returns, and more.

Report Venue Music Sales to SoundScan

No more faxing, scanning, and emailing venue sales! atVenu automates your venue music sales reporting to SoundScan.

Manage Merch Inventories

With each nightly data sync of show counts, atVenu updates your inventory and displays intuitive graphs that represent current quantities. Add Advanced Inventory features to your account for the ability to generate orders, create shipments, track in transit inventory, view warehouse inventory, and manage multiple trailer inventories all within a single login.

Global Support

atVenu works in all global touring markets with territory specific settlements, currency, and exchange rate features.

Safe and Secure

atVenu is built by pros and is very serious about the security of your data. atVenu will never distribute, publish, sell, or make available your merch information and only account owners can add and remove users to an account granting them access to your data.

Label Account Dashhboard

atVenu in-network labels receive a custom dashboard to manage all of their artists’ SoundScan venue sales. Labels can self-register their artists, track who is on tour, track outstanding sales submissions, and view and approve submitted sales from the road…all online. No faxes, no paper, no incomplete venue information. It’s all automated.

Available to All Label Artists

atVenu labels can onboard all their artists whether they use atVenu to manage their merch or not. atVenu offers a venue sales submission version of the app which artists download for free and use to report music sales.

Auto-generate Venue Sales PDFs and TXT Data File

Thursday morning are fun aren’t they? atVenu labels submit sales to SoundScan in minutes. Simply log in, approve the submitted sales, and hit the Report button. atVenu then creates PDF version of each sales report along with the TXT data file for all your current period sales. The files are zipped and then sent to SoundScan.

Historical Records and Reports

atVenu saves all the sales data to your label account which you can access in your reports section. Simply select the artist and date range and atVenu will produce a report detailing the sales by artist, album, and market. These reports are also available for excel or pdf export.

Festival Merch Management

atVenu streamlines festival merchandise management by allowing a single user to log into a festival account and control the check in, check out, and settlement of merchandise items for multiple artists at an event.

Prorate Credit Card Fees and Other Expenses

atVenu can distribute costs across all of the participating artists on a gross sales prorated basis.

Multiple Days and Locations? No Problem.

If your festival spans multiple days in one location atVenu can settle all the merch each night or at the end of the festival event. It can also handle festivals that take place in different cities on different dates, even if artists join and leave at various times throughout the tour.

Individual Settlement Reports

Every artist participating in the festival will receive an individual settlement report detailing their total sales, festival splits, and financial breakdown. Managing the merchandise of all artists under one account allows festivals to settle faster and with more accuracy

Venue Merch Mgmt

atVenu streamlines venue merchandise management with tools to check in, check out, and settle merch for multiple artists at a venue.

Automated Nightly Settlements

Input venue and artist splits and local taxes and atVenu accurately calculated your artist & venue settlements. Never a broken formula or accidental copy & paste from a previous spreadsheet.

Easy Counts

Keep better track of the merch coming in and out of your venue with a simple count in, add, comp, and count out process that works on both your laptop and smartphone.

Individual Settlement Reports

Every artist performing from opener to headliner will receive an individual settlement report that details their total sales, venue splits, and financial breakdown. Shows are settled faster and with more accuracy ensuring all parties receive the proper and agreed to splits.

Automated Nightly Email Distribution Reporting

Let atVenu take care of the admin work. Once your merch rep hits DONE on the settlement screen, atVenu immediately generates and distributes a nightly summary email, sales report pdf, and settlement sheet pdf to an email distribution list you control.

Robust Reports

Put your data to use. atVenu stores all of your show settlement and sales history and provides a set of valuable reports to better analyze and optimize your merchandise business. Generate reports by show, season, or any date range.

Safe & Secure

atVenu is serious about the security of your data. atVenu will never distribute, publish, sell, or make available your merch information and only account owners can add or remove users from an account.

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Pay Only When You're On the Road

SoundScan Reporter

  • Report nightly venue sales via mobile app, no paper!
  • Automated submission to SoundScan every Thursday A.M.
  • Historical record of venue sales submissions
  • Auto-email sales to artist distro list
$10 per touring month

Tour Merch Mgmt

  • Report venue music sales to SoundScan included
  • Artist & Venue auto-calculated settlement sheet
  • Nightly distribution to email list of settlement and sales reports
  • Unlimited users and mailing list recipients
  • Unlimited merchandise items
  • Historic record of show’s counts including ins, adds, comps, and outs
  • Manage all tour inventory w. real time status updates
  • Detailed reports by tour or date range for sales, financials, profit margin, and more
  • Tour inventory trend and forecasting analysis
  • Data export to excel for count page and reports
  • Integrated cash control and expense tracking
  • Create multiple tours to associate merch items, inventory, and reporting for each
$50 per touring month

Advanced Inventory Mgmt

  • All Tour Merch Mgmt features included
  • Manage Warehouse and multiple Trailer inventories
  • Create orders and shipments and track in-transit inventory
  • Global inventory page displaying all warehouse, trailer, shipment, and order qtys in one view
  • Create split shipments for ordered items
  • Reconcile trailer and warehouse inventory and view all historic reconciliations
  • Integration with road merch rep to sync shipment notifications and inventory adjustments upon receipt of goods
  • Log cost of goods to each order and apply shipping costs to specific tour
  • Full Weighted Average accounting methods integrated into profit reports and inventory costs (in development)
$90 per touring month

“Per touring month” is any 30 day window with saved shows. atVenu will charge the credit card on file 24 hours in advance of the first saved show. The account is then active for 30 days from that show date. If your account has saved shows within the following 30 days, your card will be automatically charged 24 hrs prior to the start of the new cycle for that next 30 day window.  If no shows are saved, no charges will be placed. Once you start using atVenu again your billing cycle will reset and the credit card will be charged.  atVenu will always send a reminder 48 hours in advance of any charges in case you need to make changes.

After signup, you have full access to your account to prepare for your tour with no fees or credit card required. Although no credit card is required to begin populating your account, you will need to enter a valid credit card prior to your first tour date in order to settle your shows. During any non-touring time frame you still have full access to your account, its data, reports, and ability to prep for the next tour. There is absolutely no fee for the time you do not have saved shows in your account. Each account is for one artist only. Please note no refunds will be issued once the credit card on file is charged.

Label and Festival Accounts – contact us at


Introducing MerchIQ

A look at atVenu MerchIQ, the tool used by professional artists to plan and forecast tour merch needs and finances!

Setting Up An Artist Account

This video shows how to setup an Tour Merch Mgmt artist account. Learn how to add shows to your routing, upload merch items, and add inventory.

Running A Show On Mobile

This video walks you through how to run a show using the mobile app. To do so, you must have the app installed and an account created online. You'll learn how to manage your merch at the show by inputting count in, adds, comps, and count outs.  Everything up to settling the show.

Settling A Show On Mobile

This video steps you through a show's settlement using the atVenu mobile app. After you hit the settle button, you'll see the following 4 settlement screens: 1. Gross revenue for the night 2. Input of nightly entries like taxes, venue cut, and CC receipts 3. atVenu's calculated adjusted gross screen 4. Artist and venue settlement details

Running A Show On Web

This video walks you through how to run a show using the web app. To do so, you must be connected to the internet and login online. You'll learn how to inputting your count in, adds, comps, and count out. Everything you need leading up to a show's settlement.

Settling A Show On Web

This video steps you through how to settle a show using the web app. To do so, you must be connected to the internet and logged in online. You'll learn how to edit venue information and enter the details atVenu needs to accurately calculate your Artist & Venue settlement.

Admin Features and Reports

SoundScan Reporting App

This video walks through the set up of a SoundScan Reporter artist account and how to report your venue sales.

atVenu Label Accounts

A walk through of an atVenu Record Label account used to easily manage and report your venue music sales to SoundScan.

Does atVenu work Offline?

Yes. The atVenu mobile app works on any iOS device both on and offline. If you have no cell service and no internet connection, use the mobile app to run your show. Once your device is connected again, launch atVenu to sync all the data back to your account. If you settled a show, make sure you wait to see the check mark next to the show. This is your confirmation everything is synced.

My app is slow to load each page, what should I do?

You are in a bad cell service area which is slowing down atVenu’s data syncing. Best thing to do is work in offline mode. To do so, open and log into atVenu then turn airplane mode on (do not log out of atVenu before turning airplane mode on). The app will now store all your info (count ins, adds, comps, count outs, settlement details, and venue rep signature) to your phone or tablet. While in offline mode, once you hit DONE on your settlement you’ll see a clock instead of a check mark. When you leave the bad area, turn off airplane mode, launch the atVenu app, and your show will automatically sync. Be sure to wait for the clock to change to the check mark, that means all the data has synced to your account successfully.

Can I add inventory and routing from the mobile app?

Not yet.The web app is where you set up and manage the account, like routing, merch, and inventory. The Mobile app syncs this data and allows you to run a show from count in to settlement both online and off. This will sync back to the artist account and updated its data.

Can I not use the app and just use my computer?

Yes. However, we recommend that you don’t if you do not have a stable, reliable connection to the internet. If you are in an area with bad wireless you may experience difficulties saving the data you input on your browser to the account. In these situations it’s always best to use the mobile app as it can work both online and off (in airplane mode).

I’m using my iPad and I can’t log in?

When using an iPad make sure you are connected to the internet or have a data plan. The app needs to be synced up to the website to load in your account.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Once you are logged in click your email address in the top right corner of the screen. Choose user settings and change password.

I forgot my password.

On the main log in page you will see FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? at the bottom in blue. Click that link and follow the instructions.

How do I add or delete users?

Only users with Account Owner or Account Manager access levels for an artist can add or delete users. To do add a user, click on the GEAR icon and choose artist settings. Click Manage Users, hit the plus ( + ) button on the right side of the screen, then enter the users name, email, and access level.
To delete a user follow the same steps as but instead of hitting the plus button ( + ) hover over the user you want to delete and click the X that appears on the far right.

How do I add or delete someone from the email distribution list?

Click the GEAR icon, choose artist settings, click Manage Email List. Click the plus ( + ) button on the right and add their email address into the pop up screen. To delete, hover over the email you want to remove and click the X button.

How do I start a new tour?

Click the GEAR icon then Manage Tours. Click the plus ( + ) button and add your new tour.If your previous tour is finished and all routing is complete and you no longer need to adjust any of your info you can click EDIT next to the completed tour and then hit CLOSE TOUR.

What happens if I click on Close Tour when I’m editing a tour?

This removes the tour from your Current and Upcoming options and menus. Only select this if the tour is complete and you require no changes or adjustments to it. It removes all edit capabilities. You will always have access to this tour by clicking on View in the manage tour section as well as within the reports section.

I’ve added a new tour, now I can’t find my merch.

Don’t worry you don’t have to add all of your merch again! If you’ve signed up for the Merch Manager plan, click on the t-shirt icon to access Saved Merch. You will see all of your merch items. To the right of each item is a selector that says “choose tour”. Click this and all open tour will appear. Choose the tour you want this item saved to.

Our show was canceled or merch didn’t show up, do I have to input 0′s and settle the show?

No. Go into routing online, hover over the date, and click the X button that appears to delete the show.

What is the highest resolution picture I should upload for my merch pictures?

All pictures should be around 72 DPI and low res. The larger the image the longer it will take
too load your pages and sync to the web.

I don’t think my SoundScans are getting reported.

Make sure the correct UPC numbers are saved in the UPC field for each album you wish to report (do not save this in the SKU field). Confirm the UPC was registered with SoundScan. atVenu does not register your UPCs. You can register your UPC here: Check your reporting option in Artist Settings and confirm either atVenu is reporting direct or that you’ve inputted the correct label representative email address.

The nightly settlement emails aren’t coming through to my inbox, what can I do?

Usually, if you aren’t getting the emails it’s because your spam filters are stopping them. You can add ‘’ to your whitelist of email addresses to accept, or you can whitelist our email server IP address if your spam control is server based.

I have a sold out item, do I have to enter a 0 for count in and count out?

No. If you leave all of the fields blank (no 0’s or numbers at all) the app will ignore those items.

How do I account for Bundle Sales?

The best way to handle bundles is to input a financial adjustment on your settlement page, do not create a separate bundle item on your inventory page. When you sell a bundle, keep a tally of how many you sell and the discount dollar amount for each. Do your count in and count out as you normally would for each item. When you do, atVenu will calculate the gross you would of had without the bundles. On the settlement page, log the bundles in as a show cost. In the cost description enter (as an ex.) “10 bundles, discount $5/bundle” and a total cost of $50. This is the total cash you’re short due to the 10 bundles. Then choose OFF TOP NOT REIMBURSED as the cost type. This will reduce your Gross dollar amount by the money you’re short from these sales and reflect it in your adjusted gross.

What tax rate do I enter?

You enter the tax rate specific for the city in which the venue is located. If you’re unsure what the tax rate is, visit the website

Why do I need the Venue tax ID?

If the venue retains the tax you use the venues tax ID when filing your taxes. This is optional but good to have for your records.

I’m playing a show in Nevada, how do I handle the Nevada Live Entertainment Tax?

To accurately calculate the total taxes input the following blended tax rate into the atVenu’s tax fields: Where Sales Tax is 7.725% input 19.69%. Where Sales Tax is 8.1% input 20.11%

Where do I name my Warehouse?

Click on your warehouse icon hover over Default warehouse and choose the pencil icon.

What do the different User Levels mean?

ACCOUNT OWNER = Full access to manage the entire account, all of its features, and access to artist settings to set up credit card, pick plans, and add and remove users.

ACCOUNT MANAGER = Access to all Routing, Inventory, Advanced Inventory, and Reports. Does not have access to artist settings.

TOUR MANAGEMENT = Full access to Routing, Inventory, Saved Merch, and Cash & Expenses. Advanced inventory is accessible with this user. Does not have access to reports and artist settings.

TOUR ACCESS = Access to only the tour dashboard – Full routing, inventory, show settlements, and Cash & Expenses page. Does not access saved merch/Advanced Inventory, reports, and artist settings.

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atVenu launched its merchandise management features in January 2013 to a closed invite list. Word of mouth spread and it’s now used by many hundreds of artist and their teams for both supply and managed tours. In it’s first year atVenu settled over 11,000 shows and managed more than $50 million in merchandise sales. Artists that range from headliners in sell out arenas to developing artists on club tours all use the application. atVenu is now the standard for many professional merch organizations as the critical tool to provide immediate and accurate data from the road to management.

atVenu fundamentally believes artists can make more money from touring merch sales than they currently do using 30 year old systems. Broken spreadsheets, mis-calculations, delayed distribution of information, mistakes caught too late, lack of cost visibility, and more reduce profits and do nothing to increase sales. atVenu solves these issues.