Venues of all sizes trust atVenu
to maximize merch sales

Make more money from merch

Make sure that when artist merch is being sold at your venue, that you get the correct share you are entitled to! Streamline merch management by easily controlling the check in, check out, and settlement of merchandise items for multiple artists at an event. Big venue with multiple stands? No problem! After counting in, use atVenu to distribute merchandise to each stand and perform individual stand settlements.

Reduce chaos with advancing

Use atVenu’s invite and advance features to automatically email invites to artists and allow them to advance their merch items, with images, to your venue account. No more multiple emails and random excel sheets!

Automated Nightly Reporting

Let atVenu take care of the admin work. Once your merch rep hits DONE on the settlement screen, atVenu immediately generates and distributes a nightly summary email, sales report, and settlement sheet to an email distribution list you control.

Be Informed

Robust, realtime reports put your data to use and keep you in the loop. atVenu stores all of your show settlement and sales history and provides a set of valuable reports to better analyze and optimize your merch business. Generate reports by show, season, or any date range.

Safe & Secure

atVenu is serious about the security of your data. atVenu will never distribute, publish, sell, or make available your merch information and only account owners can add or remove users from an account.

Request a demo

Venues require more than a one size fits all application. Hit us up and we’ll get back to you to discuss your specific needs. That’s customer service!

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