Updated Web Navigation!

By November 5, 2013 No Comments

Over the past few weeks we’ve made some changes to the web app that improve performance and make for an even better user experience.  Many have noted the changes and we appreciate the positive feedback!  We have some big new features coming that offer a ton of advanced tools, but where do we put them all?  To make room without cluttering up the simple and easy to use interface of each artist account, we released an updated web navigation today!  This new navigation better organizes atVenu features by grouping options around the artist and then by tour.

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

When you login, your account will default to the first artist and their first tour.


If you work with more than one artist you can click the down arrow next to the artist name to select which artist account you’d like to view.  Under the artist name are, from left to right, Tour Dashboard, Saved Merch, Reports, and Settings buttons.  No matter where you are in the app, click on Tour Dashboard to manage your current tours.  If you have multiple tours, click the down arrow right of the tour name to select the correct tour.  All the tour buttons are the same as before.


Now, you can easily review all merch items saved to this artist from all tours by clicking the Saved Merch button.  From this page, you can carry merch items over to any tour by selecting the Add To Tour option on an item.


Reports are now easier to manage.  Just click the reports button to view and export any of the reports available for your artist.


The last button is Settings.  You’ll notice two options under the settings button, Manage Tours and Artist Settings.  Manage Tours is where you create new tours, edit existing tours, or close old tours.  Artist Settings is where you add and remove users, manage your mailing list, and link your Cube credit card account.


These updates set the stage for some exciting things to come over the next few months.  So stay tuned for more updates and hit us up with any comments or questions!