Updated Inventory and Count Pages

By October 15, 2013 No Comments

You may have noticed some changes when logged in online today!  We made some enhancements to the Inventory and Count pages that will help you even more when managing your merch.  Here’s a quick look at what’s new!

Inventory Page

The first thing you’ll notice is a new, streamlined look with thinner inventory bars.  This allows us to fit more items in a smaller space.  All the info you need is still there and easy to access!


We also removed the category headers Apparel, Other, and Media.  Now your item’s category is indicated by the A, O, or M to the left of the image.  By eliminating the category headers, you can now sort your items in any order.  Want to get crazy and put Music items up top?  Now you can.

Add and remove inventory just like before.  Hover and click on the + or – button.


Now instead of a page take over pop-up, we’ve added modules that appear in place.  What’s great about this… no more page reloads!  Enter your quantities, hit add, and everything will save in place without refreshing the page and moving you to the top of your inventory items.


Counts Page

We continued the vertical optimization over to the Counts page as well.  Each item takes up less space reducing the amount of scrolling needed to work your way through your counts.


This update also does a great job fitting more single or no size items together.


We’ve consolidated all adjustments and overrides under the More button.  Click more to show the options.  Select the one you need and enter the details.  Like the inventory page, this will save without a page reload.  You’ll notice Damaged is no longer in the list.  If you need to log a damaged item, do so on your inventory page by removing it from your inventory and enter Damaged in the notes field.  We also changed 1/2 Price to Crew Sales to better represent the use.


These updates not only deliver a more streamlined, efficient experience but are also paving the way for some very exciting new features in the works!

More to come!