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Choose one of our four packages below that best fits your needs.
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Per Touring Month

SoundScan Reporter

  • Report Venue sales digitally. No more paper!
  • Automated & direct submissions to SoundScan
  • Historical record of Venue sales
  • See real-time updates from Submission to Reported


Per Touring Month

Tour Merch Mgmt.

  • SoundScan Reporter included
  • Artist and Venue auto-calculated Settlement sheet
  • Nightly distribution to email list of Settlement and Sales Reports
  • Unlimited users and email recipients
  • Unlimited merchandise items


  • Historic record of show’s Counts including ins, adds, comps, and outs
  • Manage all tour inventory with real-time status updates
  • Detailed reports by tour or date range for sales, financials, profit margin, and more
  • Tour inventory trend and forecasting analysis
  • Data export to excel for Count page and Reports
  • Integrated Cash Control and expense tracking
  • Create multiple tours to associate merch items, inventory, and reporting for each


Per Touring Month

Advanced Inventory Mgmt.

  • All Tour Merch Mgmt features included
  • Manage warehouse and multiple trailer inventories
  • Create orders and shipments and track inventory
  • Global inventory view displaying all warehouse, trailer, shipment and orders
  • Create split shipments for ordered items


  • Reconcile trailer and warehouse inventory and view all historic reconciliations
  • Integration with road merch rep to sync shipment notifications and inventory adjustments upon receipt of goods
  • Log cost of goods to each order and apply shipping costs to specific tour
  • Weighted Average accounting methods integrated into profit reports and inventory costs


Per Touring Month


  • All Advanced Inventory features included
  • Project gross, expenses, and net profit on tour merch
  • Know exactly how much merch to order
  • Adjust attendance and $/head by show for accurate supply planning
  • Summary page highlights easy to read financial & product expectations for entire tour


  • Allocate tour level expenses
  • Plan inventory needs for Headline, Support, and Festival shows all within the same tour
  • Real-time algorithmic forecasts tell you what you will run out of, and when. No more ‘bottom of the box’ management
  • Keep tabs on your tour profits – Are you ahead or behind of what you thought?

“Per Touring Month” is any 30 day window with saved shows. atVenu will charge the credit card on file 24 hours in advance of the first saved show. The account is then active for 30 days from that show date. If your account has saved shows within the following 30 days, your card will be automatically charged 24 hrs prior to the start of the new cycle for that next 30 day window. If no shows are saved, no charges will be placed. Once you start using atVenu again your billing cycle will reset and the credit card will be charged. atVenu will always send a reminder 48 hours in advance of any charges in case you need to make changes. After signup, you have full access to your account to prepare for your tour with no fees or credit card required. Although no credit card is required to begin populating your account, you will need to enter a valid credit card prior to your first tour date in order to settle your shows. During any non-touring time frame you still have full access to your account, its data, reports, and ability to prep for the next tour. There is absolutely no fee for the time you do not have saved shows in your account. Each account is for one artist only. Please note no refunds will be issued once the credit card on file is charged.