Time flies! 4 years ago today atVenu became Nielsen SoundScan’s Preferred Venue Sales Data Provider, allowing artists to automatically submit all venue sales recorded in atVenu directly to SoundScan daily!

We partnered with Nielsen to help them achieve their goals of aligning venue sales data with data they receive from other channels, with atVenu making that process completely automated. The biggest benefits to this partnership have been:

  • Reduced fee from a yearly fee to a minimum $10/touring month. If you are already using one of atVenu’s merchandise management products you don’t have any additional cost.
  • Billboard chart weeks are aligned with your venue media sales.
  • Real-time feedback on the status of your SoundScan submissions
  • All sales in the US and Canada are accepted, no need to pay a separate venue reporting fee by country.
  • Free dashboard for record labels to manage their artists SoundScan submissions and status of each submission.


SoundScan Submissions Through atVenu


Total Units Reported Through atVenu


Gross Music $ Reported Through atVenu

If you have any questions on how to start using atVenu to submit your sales to SoundScan, or how atVenu can help you with your merch inventory management and sales, contact us!