Nielsen SoundScan Partners with atVenu!

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Nielsen and atVenu Partner to Help Artists and Labels Prepare for July 10th Global Release Date Change


We have some exciting news to share with you!


Beginning Friday July 10, 2015, atVenu will become Nielsen SoundScan’s Preferred Venue Sales Data Provider and will automatically submit all venue sales recorded in atVenu directly to SoundScan on a daily basis!

The new Friday Global Release Date is going to have a significant impact on how live event venue media sales will be reported to Nielsen for inclusion into the SoundScan reports and Billboard charting.

In response to the new Friday Global Release Date, Nielsen intends to move towards requiring daily venue sales reporting to SoundScan.

This requirement will be instrumental in aligning venue sales data with sales information received through other channels – improving the accuracy of SoundScan data and Billboard charting.

Nielsen and atVenu have formally partnered to help you with this new change, and also open the doors to new artists who may not have reported their sales previously.

Key changes and impacts of this include:

  • No more $500 Annual Venue Reporting Fee to SoundScan for artists reporting via atVenu. atVenu’s SoundScan reporting service is $10/month, with no fee for months when an artist is not touring. For users already using atVenu’s merchandise management products, there is no additional cost for direct daily SoundScan reporting.
  • Immediate alignment of SoundScan reporting week and Billboard Chart Week. For the first time ever, Billboard chart weeks will be completely aligned with your venue media sales.
  • Real-time feedback on the status of your SoundScan submissions. Artists and labels will now see if submissions have been accepted, flagged, or rejected, and the reason why. No more need to pick up the phone and try to reach Nielsen to ask if your sales are in!
  • Applies to all artists in US and Canada. Your sales in both countries will now be accepted, and no need to pay a separate venue reporting fee for Canada if you are a US reporting artist.
  • Applies to Christian artists. One of our top requests has been from Christian artists asking if they can submit sales to the CMTA Christian SoundScan for the Christian charts. Now atVenu can submit Christian sales as well.
  • Free dashboard for record labels. Record labels can now access a free dashboard for managing their artists and artist SoundScan submissions all from one place including the current status of every submission.


So How Does it Work?

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If you are already an atVenu client, everything will switch over automatically on July 10th to the new reporting platform. You don’t need to do anything. Data will flow directly to Nielsen.

If you are not on the atVenu platform yet, simply create an account on and add your tour dates and music items. Then download the atVenu mobile app. When you are ready to report your venue sales, input your sales numbers into atVenu and have the venue rep sign off right there on your mobile device. That’s it! atVenu then syncs your data automatically and submits your sales directly to SoundScan. No need to create and send to SoundScan your sales data reports or venue settlement PDFs


Where Can I Learn More?

For more information on atVenu and to create an account, visit