New Show Cost Options

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We’ve heard quite a few requests for the ability to log costs that come off the bottom, not just costs off the top of the settlement.  We’re listening and happy to now make that feature available to all of you!  Here is how it works:

There are now 2 more Show Cost options included in atVenu’s settlement features, “Off Bottom” and “Off Top & Not Reimbursed”!  You’ll notice a slightly different layout in the Show Cost section.  To add a cost to your settlement enter a description, the dollar amount, select the type of cost it is, and hit the + button.



Use this for any payments made during the show that come off the bottom and are taken out of your final cash on hand. Good examples are payments to sellers or a flat vend fee.



This option allows you to apply a cost against your night’s Gross and include it in your adjusted gross calculation.  A good use for this is if you sell bundles.  Bundles are a cost to your gross.  When you count in and count out all of your items, atVenu calculates your total gross.  If you sold bundles, for example a shirt & CD for a discount of $5, each bundle is a cost of $5 against that gross.  Keep a tally of your bundles, multiply the number of bundles sold by the cost per bundle, and save that total dollar amount.  In the below example we sold 10 bundles for a total cost of $50.  Notice the $50 is taken out of the gross and then again under Total Collected By Artist.  This accurately accounts for money never collected.



If you have a reimbursable cost, like Bootleg, enter the description, dollar amount, then select one of the two reimbursable button options – Off Top Artist Reimbursed or Off Top Venue Reimbursed.  In this example there was a bootleg cost of $250 reimbursed to the Venue.  Once you save this cost it’s included in your total Off Top costs (here $300: $50 for bundles and $250 for bootleg) and is then displayed under the Venue settlement.


Show Cash Calculation

Under the Final Payment section, you’ll see an updated Cash breakdown. In this example we show your Cash From Show, Cash From Half Sales, Off The Bottom Costs (our Sellers), Vend Fee (if you’re paying out a commission), and your Total Cash On Hand.


Costs on Mobile

The following images walk you through the cost update on mobile.

Tap Add A Show Cost to add your first cost


When you do, the below screen will slide in.  Enter the description, dollar amount, and select the cost type.  Hit SAVE in the top right corner.


After you hit SAVE, the cost will appear in place.  If you made a mistake you can swipe the line item to delete it.


Like on web, you can review your final cash calculation on the final settlement page under the Final Payment section.


Thanks again to all the reps on tour using atVenu!  As always, hit us up if you need anything!