Finally a simple solution for any
size festival

Easily manage both event and artist merch!

One system can handle both your critical event merch as well as the multitudes of artists coming and going with their merch. Manage and control the check in, check out, and settlement of merchandise items for all artists whether you are working with a half dozen, or hundreds. Running multiple merch stands? No problem! In atVenu you can distribute merch to each stand giving tight control over inventory.

Automated artist settlements

No more hunting for the clipboard with that artists count sheet, or the right excel file! With atVenu, every artist participating in the festival will receive an individual settlement report detailing their total sales, festival splits, and financial breakdown. Settle faster and with more accuracy.

Reduce chaos with advancing

Use atVenu’s invite and advance features to automatically email invites to artists and allow them to advance their merch items, with images, to your venue account. No more multiple emails and random excel sheets!

Want a POS terminal? atVenu Register is here!

atVenu’s Register is the only POS system designed specifically for live event merchandise sales. Sync all item names, images, prices, and sizes by artist, track inventory by stand, access realtime reports on remaining inventory levels, gross sales, hourly trends, and much more!

Comprehensive Reports

Know immediately upon settlement total festival merch numbers, top grossing artists, and bottom line merch revenue earned.

Safe & Secure

atVenu is serious about the security of your data. atVenu will never distribute, publish, sell, or make available your merch information and only account owners can add or remove users from an account.

Request a demo

Hit us up to learn more about atVenu for Festivals and discuss your specific needs.  We’ve run merch for Coachella, Hang Out Fest, Ottawa Blues Fest, and many more. We got you covered!

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