atVenu’s Revenue, Per Heads, and Merch Items by Genre!

By September 5, 2014 No Comments

Last month we posted an update on total revenue and units sold through atVenu and received an incredible response from our community and requests to provide additional insights on tour merch data.

Now with over 1300 artists, we wanted to look at key analytics around the genres of these artists. To start, we noticed many of our artists had not yet set their genres under Artist Settings (Tip – go do that!). So for those who hadn’t, we used iTunes’ API to match artist names and their genres and set it for you! : )


With genres in place, here’s the make up of artists using atVenu to manage their merchandise.


For US only sales, Alternative, Country, and Rock are the top 3 revenue generating genres in atVenu.


Then we looked at $/head for each genre. Below, we list the highest $/head settled along with the average $/head for each genre.


What are fans buying?! We all know T-Shirts, and for just about every genre T-Shirts are the most sold item of merch, so we looked at the next 3 highest selling items. Here they are for the top 10 revenue generating genres!

2. Tank Top
3. Sweatshirt
4. Zip-Up Hoodie

2. Tank Top
3. Long Sleeve Shirt
4. Koozie

2. Tank Top
3. CD
4. Zip-up Hoodie

2. Tank Top
3. Zip-up Hoodie
4. Program

2. Zip-up Hoodie
3. Poster
4. Wristband

Christian & Gospel
2. CD
3. Zip-Up Hoodie
4. Jersey

Hip Hop/Rap
2. CD
3. Pullover Hoodie
4. Tank Top

2. Tank Top
3. Pullover Hoodie
4. Vinyl

2. Tank Top
3. CD
4. Hat

2. Tank Top
3. Long Sleeve Shirt
4. CD

As always, hit us up with any questions or thoughts!