atVenu Merch Manager Training Videos

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We put together a series of training videos to help you get up and running. They step you through setting up an account to settling your shows.  If you’ve received login credentials to an activated artist account, we recommend you take the time to watch each video as an overview, then as you start using the app reference these for any specific questions.  If you don’t have an account yet, check out the below as a look inside and enjoy Ben’s rookie attempt to narrate these videos!  ; )

1.  Merch Manager Artist Account Setup

The first steps to prepare for tour.  This video shows everything that must be done before using the app.

2.  Using the Mobile App to Run a Show

After you’ve set up your account online, you’re ready to use the app.  Everything you store to the online account synchs to your mobile app.  This video shows you what to do at the venue from Count In through Count Out.

3.  Using the Mobile App to Settle a Show

Once you’ve successfully Counted Out, it’s time to settle with the venue and close the show.  This video walks you through the 4 settlement screen to complete your show.  Once you hit DONE, we synch the data back to your account, take care of all the admin (like emailing of reports and adjusting inventory), so that you can pack your last box and maybe NOT be the last one on the bus!  Oh yeah, and if you have no cell service or wifi, the app will do everything you see here offline (bad connection, go to airplane mode!).  We’ll store the data, then when you’re reconnected open the app and we’ll synch everything up!

4.  Using the Web App to Run a Show

If you prefer using your computer, you can still run and settle a show online using the web app.  Note, you must be connected to the internet to do so.  This video walks you through running a show from Count In to Count Out in your web account.

5.  Using the Web App to Settle a Show

And last but not least is Settling a show in the Web app.  Again, you have to be online for this one.  Here we walk you through the settlement process after you’ve Counted Out.

Lots of info!  So keep coming back to refresh yourself.  And of course, there’s much more to the app than what’s above, so if you have a questions we didn’t cover here, never hesitate to reach out!