atVenu is Now Worldwide!

By October 4, 2013 No Comments

One of the top things we’ve heard from our artist merch reps over the past several months is, “you’re not going to make me go back to excel when I’m overseas are you?” : ) For those that had to go back when your tour left North America, we’re sorry!  But we’re so happy to let you know we kept our promise and you can now use atVenu worldwide!

Here’s a walk through of what you can expect:

First, set up a new tour and add your routing.  One of the first things you’ll notice is you can now select any country (tip: there are lots of countries, so if you select this field and start typing the name of your country, it will search through the list to find the one you need).  If you select a country that uses L1, L2, L3 for categorizing merch cuts and taxes on settlements, you’ll see these fields appear in place of Merch Cut and Music Cut.  In this example, we’re adding a show in the UK and these options appear at the bottom of the add show page.


When you’re ready to run your show and you click on the Counts page, you’ll see a currency selector at the top.  It will default to the currency of the country you’re playing in.


You’ll also see the currency symbols change for each sale price (tip: be sure to check and adjust the price on the count page based on what you want to sell that item for in your local country as that will not automatically convert).


After you count out and move to your settlement page, you’ll see a different set of settlement options that are specific to how the country you’re in settles shows.  You can select how the Venue calculates their commission:  On Gross or On Adjusted Gross.  Select how the Venue VAT is calculated: On Top of Commission or Included In Commission.  Is VAT included in Price, Yes or No and is the Artist VAT Withheld, Yes or No.  Selecting the appropriate options will adjust your settlement calculations automatically!  (tip: If you are playing in the UK and the Foreign Entertainers Unit – FEU Withholding comes into play, you can enter that as a venue adjustment but be sure to make a note of it in the notes area.)


atVenu then displays detailed L1, L2, and L3 calculations.


And from these figures atVenu calculates the final amounts due to both Artist and Venue.


Lastly, select who received the final payment.  If the artist sold merch and pays the venue out, select Paid To Venue.  If the venue sold merch and is paying the artist out, select Paid To Artist.  Select how that payment was made and input the total and final payment amount.


After that, sign and hit Done!  As always, atVenu will take care of the rest!  All of the above are of course included in the atVenu mobile app and will automatically adjust to your routing!

We’ve had this out in stealth mode for a bit and it’s going incredibly well!

As always…hit us up for anything and we’ll hopefully see you soon!